Lt. Devon Cierney

Fixer, Blue and White Devils (Danny's character)


His father had loyally worked for the International Electric Corporation for 15 years before being let go along with 6,000 others on account of “Downsizing”. He formed a rebellious union to legally fight the Major Corporation for unlawful termination but was quickly silenced when the IECs Legal team easily manufactured evidence that would implicate him of industrial espionage and embezzlement. He gave up his legal battle realizing that no justice would come form fighting the Corp. head on in an open forum. After being evicted from his residence and with no where to go he lived out of his car on the outskirts of the city. Eventually grouping up with some of his ex-coworkers and other poor souls, that had nowhere to call home. They roamed the highways and back country roads of the Emerald Isle. Making a living as best they could. This is where he met Devon’s mother. A lovely, red haired, gypsy nomad on the back of a 2140 imported, heavily customized Harley-Davidson.

Devon Cierney was born at a hospital in New Belfast, Ireland. It was not uncommon for the nomadic, gypsy band to venture into small towns and big cities every so often, either to restock supplies, get leads on paid jobs or simply to blow off some steam and have a bit of “city” fun. Mrs. Cierney knew that she’d be giving birth soon and so their Nomad tribe camped close enough to the city for an easy delivery.

Devon learned to drive before he could walk, for that was the lifeblood of a Nomad tribe but becoming a road warrior was not his true calling. Now although he wasn’t born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth, it has been said that a “silver tongue” does reside there. It was evident that he had the gift of gab along with a mind for negotiation. At a very young age his folks recognized his potential and allowed him to be mentored by the tribes “Fixer” aka Slick . He would bring Devon with him on all his trips into the cities and instruct him to keep his mouth shut and ears open. He learned quite a bit from Slick especially all the ins and outs of the “deal”. Devon very quickly learned to blend in to his social surroundings. He became one of the many recon scouts that would enter cities and scope out the vibe making sure all was ok for the rest of the tribe. Since adult supervision was a very loose term in the tribe he would often run off to spend weeks at a time on the streets of the big, bustling cities.

Now with a name like Green Sleeves, as their nomad band was called, You would think it wouldn’t be that rough growing up in a tight knit community but you would be wrong. Constant, everyday fights were not only expected but encouraged. Living out on the fringes of society meant danger is around every corner, over the next hill, behind the next boulder and down that far stretch of road. Learning to defend yourself, just like being behind the wheel, was a way of life. Devon was known for being very quick and agile in a fight but not that strong so of course it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when he had talked his way out of a beat down that he most assuredly was going to receive from 3 older, bigger boys. He did after all have relations with two of the boys’ sisters and the other boys girlfriend.

By the age of 16 the Green Sleeves had gotten into more trouble than they could handle. Devons father and the 24 other ex-employees that joined the Nomad band, had always held a grudge against the International Electric Corp. that ruined their lives. To enact some payback they began performing lightning raids against their properties’. They would hit tractor-trailers delivering supplies, would disrupt cable work that needed fixing on the outskirts of the cities, Work trucks and factories would be raided. They tried to keep the body count low but casualties were an unfortunate byproduct of “justice”. And so to not get their hands dirty, the IEC subcontracted some very powerful SOLO teams in the guise of security, to eliminate the problem. The Green Sleeves Nomadic Band’s numbers was easily brought down to 30%. The remaining tribe members disbanded and Devon Ciereny and his parents came to the Americas when he was 17.

Upon arriving in the States the Ciereny’s found a new life and familiar work with the only thing they knew…running the wastelands of America. After acquiring wheels they very easily found refuge and a temporary home among the Nomad tribes of the US. They headed west and joined up with the Huskers for a few months, after that they spent 3 months running guns for the Crazy Quilts. Any jobs that seemed righteous and paid well they took without hesitation. Devon had grown tired of a life out in the waste, Constantly cleaning sand out of your boots, nothing to see but miles of asphalt and emptiness. He understood the life is what his folks wanted and there is a certain calmness to being out here in the wild but he had enough and needed to be in the city, concrete under his feet.

Being a foreigner meant not having any of his usual connections in any of these American cities so he decided to utilize the skills that he did have that weren’t social in nature. He Joined the military. He figured he was decent enough at killing and hand to hand combat and was adept at getting into and out of places. Maybe they could use of guy with his talents….and if not, he’d just convince them they could.
After 6 months of being in the military he was recruited for a special ops team known as the Blue & White Devils. He took to it like a fish to water. It was in his 3rd year in that life took a strange turn. The Blue & White Devils were on a hostage rescue mission, one of many different tasks they were ordered to do down in the Congo. Allot of urban combat was taking place in the many months of the team being stationed there and this day was no different.

A fire fight had broken out on the 94th floor of the building that the B&W Devils were currently operating in. Half the squad was busy fighting a battle on an entirely different plane of existence, attempting to download vital encrypted data, while the other half had learned that hostages needed to be secured and rescued from hostiles. Devon found himself bellydown at the end of a long corridor with half his body from the waist up, leaning down into an open elevator. The elevator had 6 young children all of whom were screaming and crying, probably due to the 2 dead hostile soldiers that lay at their feet on the elevator floor, with their heads blown off, blood and brains spattered everywhere. Just moments before his team mate, Nikola Wire, had been able to hack the elevator systems and open the door, Devon didn’t hesitate in shooting the 2 hostile guards that held the kids hostage but before the first body even hit the ground, the elevator quickly plummeted as if the suspension cables had been cut. Nikola managed to stop the elevators descent almost instantly but it was now more than half the way down. Gunfire erupted from behind them down the hall. Lt. Colt & 2nd Lt. Yueh were providing cover fire now that a hostile strike team had blasted their way down from the floor above. Devon crawled half-way into the elevator and yelled up for Sgt. Wire to hold his legs so that he wouldn’t topple head first into the elevator. Wire reached out with one hand and grabbed his leg. If she were to use both hands she would have to let go of the tech in her hand that has allowed her to somehow rig the elevator compartment full of kids from falling. She yelled out to her other two team mates" A little help!" Both Yueh and Colt easily heard her plea through the com bead in their ears.
“A little busy right now!” was the reply
They were outnumbered 3 to one, bullets flying everywhere. Devon hoisted the first child out of the elevator a smile on both Devon’s and Nikola’s faces, Nikola told the little girl to stay down and in front of her to not get hit by any stray shots. Devon hung himself back down into the elevator and hoisted another screaming, crying child. Devon told Nikola there are 4 kids left. He hung himself again into the elevator the screaming crying kids all reaching up, trying to jump and grab his hands. Crying out, “please take me next!”
“Please don’t let us die!”
“Help us!”
“Grab me!”
Devon grabbed the 3 child….
Machine gun fire erupted behind Nikola Wire, she protected the 2 children with her own body as she was struck multiple times, luckily none of the bullets penetrated her body armor. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the elevator control panel and the tech device wired to it, in Nikola’s hand.

In an instant, Devon saw the horror in the little boys eyes as he noticed the elevator falling. Devon pulled up as fast and as strong as he could only to see that both his arms had been sheared off by the falling elevator. Blood sprayed everywhere. The last thing he remembers is being hoisted onto Yueh’s back in a fireman’s carry before blacking out…


Lt. Devon Cierney

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