This is a Cyberpunk 2240 game modified for the players.

Characters get 70 pts to their attributes.
Characters get 45 pts to their Career Skills
Characters do not get IP pts for additional age.
Characters must be a minimum of 24yrs old. (4yrs in the Blue and White Devils and 4yrs retired.

The USA is no longer what you know as of today. The World Markets have devastated the borders of the countries on earth and now there are corporations and corrupt governments running the planet.

Most regions are divided up into three sections of living.

The Red Zone, known for its wild west lifestyle. There is no law and it is a survival of the fittest attitude.

The Yellow Zone, where most of the population lives. There is law, food, and shelter, but it is still a hard life. Most people live a “Yolo” type of life. The police respond to calls, but you may need to give them an incentive to do their job or they may turn the tables on you…..

The Blue Zone, where the wealthy live. One needs to be invited in order to enter this area. Few have been inside.

A few cities have a Green Zone. This is a combination of Corporate zone where workers go to perform their duties.

There are a few cities within The county of Los Angeles, but you will begin in Night City, South California.


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