Charlie Colt

Solo, Lt. in the Blue & White Devils (Candy's Character)


Age 25

Solo looking for work. She has been out of the military for four years now and has found that it is difficult finding work that utilizes her particular skill set barring a police officer (not an option with her family background), security guard (not interested in being a rent-a-cop), or a life of crime. Charlie is not interested in joining the family business, as she joined the military to escape that life much to the chagrin of some relatives. She grew up in a corporate controlled research facility. Her family leads a gang in the area. She has made due taking odd jobs here and there helping out with security at night clubs, although that has not quite worked out so well, finding it demeaning to wear the “uniform” with heels to do that work. Such attire for security work is ridiculous, although it does allow her to blend into the environment better. I am not a waitress or a stripper. Her male counterparts are not required to do the same. The letter she received from Lt. Major Steelman could not have come at a better time. Money is running low, rent is due in a month, and her new studio apartment lacks a certain flair (as does her wardrobe).

Charlie Colt

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