Benedict Yueh

Solo. 2nd Lt in the Blue and White Devils (Jorge's Character)


Benedict Yueh was literally born to punch things. His first fight was when he burst out of his mother womb, fists first. It didn’t help that the family lost everything when he was very young because of bad management. “Ben” grew up homeless on the streets of the largest arcology city, fighting for everything he ever got. Life was tough but Ben knew he and his fists were tougher.

Trying to make a better life for himself, Ben joined the military at 17 years old. There he learned all he would ever need to make sure he survived. He became proficient in the use all types of small arms as well as improving his hand to hand skills. He particularly enjoyed Thai Kickboxing after learning that he could add knees and elbows to his repertoire.

Towards the end of his first year in the military, Ben suffered a life-changing injury. The older guys on base would play a game with the new guys called “hot potato”. They would throw a grenade at a new guy and watch for their reaction. Of course, this grenade was always a dud or, if live, had the pin bent so that it wouldn’t come out. The guy who threw Ben the grenade didn’t get that last memo. Ben knew the game and was even laughing up until he saw the pin come loose and the spoon go flying. He raised his arms as a shield before the force of the blast put him to sleep.

When he woke up he had one hell of a headache and no arms to scratch his nose with. His superiors wanted to give him an honorable discharge and send him home, figuring he had paid a big enough price for mandatory service. Once again, it was time to fight. “What the hell am I going to do with no arms and no job?”, he told them. He eventually convinced them to give him cybernetic replacements for everything the blast took. In the end he got new arms, a new eye, a cowl to replace some of his pulverized skull and a chipware socket to replace the skills he lost.

Now 25, Ben has fulfilled his obligation with the military. The last of his pension money is down to three digits and Ben finds himself in need of a way to earn some credits. Luckily he’s got a meeting coming up with an old commander from his military days, Lt. Major Steelmen. Maybe he’s got a line on some work. Those arms of his will rust up if they don’t get used.

“There’s always someone that needs punching”

~ Benedict Yueh

Benedict Yueh

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